Sunday, January 1, 2012

Perfume Notes - Quick Guide

At the dawn of 2012, let me take this opportunity to thank my blog readers for taking time to stop by my blog.
You readers are also welcome to share your experiences with fragrances that are posted here. :)

On this new day, let me start off with an informative post.  All through the posts in this blog, one would be reading about 3 different notes.  This post goes on to talk about these notes in brief.

Any perfume has 3 notes - Top / Head, Heart / Middle, Base notes.

Top Notes:  These are the scents that one smells immediately upon applying the perfume.  They form an initial impression of the perfume.  These scents evaporate quickly.

Heart Notes:  These are scents that are revealed once the top notes have evaporated.  Middle notes scents mask the unpleasant top notes with its pleasant scents.

Base Notes:  These are the base scents of the perfume that will leave a lasting impression of the perfume you wear.  These scents along with middle notes determine the perfume nature. 

These notes together determine the family of fragrance the perfume belongs to.  More on Fragrance family / classification in another post.