Friday, December 9, 2011

LADY VENGEANCE - Juliette has a Gun from Secret Admirer Inc.

Italian Rose, Vanilla, Patchouli
Fragrance Family : Floral

A Perfume that I chanced upon during one of my Perfume shopping session at Douglas Perfumerie in Europe. The perfume is from Secret Admirer Inc, and is a brain child of Romano Ricci, the great grandson of Nina Ricci.

Trust me, this fragrance is another beauty to possess :) Wonder why they named the fragrance - "Vengeance" while it has nothing related to it in the perfume.

This perfume holds a dominating Rose fragrance and less vanilla. A feminine fragrance, that is perfect for evening wear but also finds its way for day wear too. It stays on you for the whole day.

This particular perfume will also find its way to my closet quite often :)

The Company describes this perfume as:
A perfume with a rich and sophisticated trail. The expression of undeniable femininity, confident and divinely sensual. The fragrance for a lady for whom the art of seduction bares no secret. He can smell... he can dream...but the decision lies in her hands!